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Apr 182016
Thanks to staff from Homecroft elementary and Perry Meridian and Southport High Schools that presented at the Google conference this weekend! Staff members who presented include;
Jenny Taylor
Laura Buchmeier
Melissa Summit
Lauren Buesking
Loryn Venekamp
Emily Steinmetz
Tara Foor
Sara Berghoff
Josh Brown
Absolutely no surprise that they did a GREAT job​! : )
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May 152015

First-grade teachers and students at HB have been using Google Classroom. Google Classroom allows teachers to easily assign and collect work electronically, and it also allows students to collaborate with each other more easily. These first graders were completing an online graphic organizer about the main idea of their nonfiction books.

Apr 152015

Teachers from Perry Township Schools participated in the recent Google Education Summit held in Franklin, Indiana. This two-day high-intensity event focuses on deploying, integrating, and using Google Apps for Education (and other Google tools) to promote student learning in K-12 and higher education.

Apr 152015

Daneen Larrison’s students at RPE are using a form on Google Tablets tablets to complete a vocabulary word hunt in the classroom. Afterwards, the class used the results to discuss the answers.

Mar 182015

Mrs. Harmon’s 7th grade REAL students at SMS are planning a spring break trip. Using Google Apps, students were given 2,000 pretend dollars to organize their spring break vacation. Students started by selecting their destination. They then began to compare the cost difference between flying and driving, pick a hotel based on prices, and look for popular restaurants and attractions in the area. Students had to budget their money for at least a 5 night stay at their chosen location.

Jan 212015

Students in Mrs. Kelly Harmon’s 7th grade REAL class at SMS are learning how to better use their 1:1 devices. Shown here, students are learning about Google Apps For Education. Students identified different apps or extensions that could help make their learning at SMS more efficient. They added these apps and extension to their devices for use throughout the remainder of the school year.

Dec 092014

Mrs. Jordan’s 7th grade Social Studies students at SMS used Google classroom to backchannel conversations during a video.  While students were watching a video about Nefertiti, students posted comments and questions in a chat-like format to a Google classroom discussion.  Students could then respond to each other’s comments or answer other students questions during the video.  This was a great way to get students to learn from each other without interrupting the video.

Nov 202014

7th grade Social Studies students in Mr. Michael Tygrett’s class at SMS are learning how to be better “Googlers.”  Students spent the day learning how to refine and produce productive searches using Google. They applied their new skills to river valley situations, researching about inventions, crops, and rivers in ancient civilizations.

Aug 212014

Students in Mrs. Kelly Harmon’s REAL class at SMS logged into Google Classroom, a recently released free suite of productivity tools including Gmail, Drive and Docs. During the lesson, students discussed the difference between texting and standard English by making classroom posts in Google. Students then choose an adult in the building to send a short email.

Feb 282013

Sara Berghoff, a speech teacher at Southport High School, utilizes Google Apps. This tool provides students with instant feedback. Mrs. Berghoff utilizes the collaboration feature to post her comments directly on student documents that are posted in their district Google accounts.