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Dec 092014
SMS Google Classroom MG_20141208_140904

Mrs. Jordan’s 7th grade Social Studies students at SMS used Google classroom to backchannel conversations during a video.  While students were watching a video about Nefertiti, students posted comments and questions in a chat-like format to a Google classroom discussion.  Students could then respond to each other’s comments or answer other students questions during the video.  This was a great way to get students to learn from each other without interrupting the video.

Nov 202014
SMS Mr. Tygrett IMG_20141119_135951

7th grade Social Studies students in Mr. Michael Tygrett’s class at SMS are learning how to be better “Googlers.”  Students spent the day learning how to refine and produce productive searches using Google. They applied their new skills to river valley situations, researching about inventions, crops, and rivers in ancient civilizations.

Aug 212014

Students in Mrs. Kelly Harmon’s REAL class at SMS logged into Google Classroom, a recently released free suite of productivity tools including Gmail, Drive and Docs. During the lesson, students discussed the difference between texting and standard English by making classroom posts in Google. Students then choose an adult in the building to send a short email.

Feb 282013

Sara Berghoff, a speech teacher at Southport High School, utilizes Google Apps. This tool provides students with instant feedback. Mrs. Berghoff utilizes the collaboration feature to post her comments directly on student documents that are posted in their district Google accounts.

Dec 132014

Seventh grade students in Mrs. Johnson’s Language Arts class at SMS are very active.  Students rotate among different stations daily.  Currently, students are reading and completing activities with A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.  Today in rotations, students were looking at specific characters and vocabulary in this famous story.  Students used context clues to define vocabulary words and use the in a sentence.  They then posted these sentences on Google classroom.  In another station, students were creating statements from Scrooge and then deciding how one of the Christmas ghosts would respond to these statements.  Finally, students participate in silent sustained reading.  Stationary bicycles are available during this time to encourage some physical activity while reading.

Nov 032014
Tea with a Princess

Pre-register online:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1dOXmbRKq5UvPPN7BmZ0tgr4j_yIUXpwSRhsphi2C9bk/viewform?c=0&w=1&usp=mail_form_link

Tea with a Princess

Pre-registration for Southport High School’s Theatre event:  Tea with a Princess!on December 6th at 2:00 p.m.
Tickets are $5.00 per person.  Please complete one form per attendee, including the adults who attend.
Payment can be made at the door with a pre-registration, or mailed to:

Southport High School Theatre c/o Barb Whitlock
971 E. Banta
Indianapolis, IN 46227

(Checks made payable to SHS)

Please call 789.4800 for any questions.
Thank you!

* Required

First and Last Name *

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  • ( ) Adult
  • ( ) Other:

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Is there anything special that we should know about this little angel?

Oct 142014
HB 100_7515

Video creation is a new form of writing that is quickly becoming more and more important. Fourth graders at Burkhart gained some experience with this as they used a Google Add-on called WeVideo to import Conner Prairie field trip pictures, add captions using complete sentences, and publish a video. They quickly grasped these new skills and really enjoyed the project.

Sep 262014
PMA Access to Success

Perry Meridian Sixth Grade Academy hosted this year’s first Access to Success Night for parents this past week.  The goal of the evening was to introduce parents to the many technology tools that are used at PMA and present them with relevant information to the proper use of these tools.  Parents rotated through three sessions: Digital Citizenship and Cybersafety presented by the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office, Skyward/Google Docs/ and Student Email, and Technology-based Curriculum Tools.  The event concluded with students having the opportunity to share their personal laptops and classroom Smartboard technologies with their parents. The next Access to Success Night will focus on obtaining and interpreting student data collected through our technology-based assessments.

Sep 232014
B2 Greek Gods

Students at Perry Meridian 6th Grade Academy had an entertaining end to a recent research project.  Students spent some time using the Big 6 research techniques in the school’s IMC and online to learn about their assigned god or goddess.  After that, students worked with a partner using Google Docs to develop a written report.  The project culminated in a fashion show where students dressed as their god or goddess, complete with props, and presented their information to their classmates in a creative way.

Sep 232014
B1 Greek Gods

Students at Perry Meridian 6th Grade Academy had an entertaining end to a recent research project.  Students spent some time using the Big 6 research techniques in the school’s IMC and online to learn about their assigned god or goddess.  After that, students worked with a partner using Google Docs to develop a written report.  The project culminated in a fashion show where students dressed as their god or goddess, complete with props, and presented their information to their classmates in a creative way.

Aug 252014
HB SpeakIt100_7312

Students in fourth grade at Henry Burkhart Elementary School added a Google Chrome extension called SpeakIt! to their laptops. This extension reads text aloud and the students can listen. Students used this extension to listen to narratives they had typed, and hearing their writing read aloud helped them to edit any mistakes they had made.

Aug 212014
Single Logo

We are “APPY” in Perry Township Schools!  The district is excited to announce that we now have a District App!  The main goal of the app is to keep our community connected to all of the great things happening in our district.  The app displays news and schedules pulled directly from our websites.  It also provides quick links to items like our menus, academic calendars, Skyward, MyBigCampus, and our social media presence.  You can find the App on iTunes or the Google Play Store:

Apple: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/perry-township-schools/id899319235?mt=8

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.relianceco.cma.perrytwp

The app can also be found in both app stores by searching for Perry Township Schools.

Aug 192014
SMS Akers

After watching clips from the movie “Rudy,” Ms. Christi Akers’ students at  SMS wrote essays about their dreams.  Students used their new Chromebooks to write the essay in Google Docs.  The students were able to share the document with Ms. Akers and she could make comments on the students’ essays while they were working at their desk.  Students discussed how Rudy overcame obstacles to achieve his dream and then made connections to their own lives and the obstacles they would need to overcome to achieve their dreams.

Jun 202014

Chromebooks have arrived for the 2014-15 school year!  New this year: Protective sleeves will be distributed with the chromebooks.

What is a Chromebook? Chromebooks are simplified laptops running the Google Chrome Operating System. They are integrated into our Google Apps for Education infrastructure. A Chromebook can be used for Internet activity, editing documents, advanced calculator, audio and video recording, and more while booting up in under 10 seconds and being easy to use..


Jan 032014
PD Photo2

Staff development led a workshop at PTEC during the winter break entitled, “Winter TechKnow Blast 2014.”  Topics covered included Advanced Skyward, PIVOT Data Warehouse, My Big Campus and Google Apps for Education.  This is just another way our teachers demonstrate that they are lifelong learners–even during winter break!

Feb 112013

Leslie Preddy, Perry Meridian Middle School Media Specialist, demonstrates that digital learning projects take place in classrooms and media centers! Eighth grade students at PMMS are completing a research project this semester that incorporates a variety of different technology tools. For instance, Google email accounts are used to contact experts and conduct online interviews. The final project entails students presenting their digital projects in a community fair format.

Nov 062012

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